Law for Economists

RET1 Law for Economists

Spring 2024

Autumn 2024
  • Topics

    The course RET1 covers legal methodology, contract law, sales law, debt collection law, law of mortgages, law on monetary claims, company law and tax law. Legal methodology deals with the general guidelines for legal argumentation. Contract law concerns the rules on entering into and interpretation of contracts, and the rules concerning invalidity. Sales law concerns the rules on buyers’ and sellers’ rights in relation to delivery, and the properties of goods in connection with the purchase of moveable property. Debt collection law deals with the rules for various forms of recovery of monetary claims, separately or collectively. The law of mortgages concerns the rules that apply to various forms of security rights such as guarantees, sureties and mortgages. The law on monetary claims concerns the rules for payment transfers, the transfer of monetary claims, offsetting of monetary claims and the limitation period for monetary claims. Company law provides an overview of the rules on the various forms of company organisation, the formation of companies and the relationship between the competence of the different bodies of an entity. Tax law provides an overview of personal taxation and company taxation.

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge: Has acquired a good understanding of the topics covered by the course, in particular legal methodology and contract and sales law.

    Skills: Is capable of keeping up-to-date on topics in the areas of law covered by the course. Is capable of identifying issues in these areas of law. Has acquired satisfactory analytic skills, so that the student is capable of taking a stance on the issues that typically arise in the practical application of the areas of law covered by the course.

    Competence: Is capable of understanding important legal issues and finding a relevant legal basis for solving legal problems using legal methodology and analysis.

  • Teaching

    Lectures, exercises and assignments.

  • Required prerequisites


  • Credit reduction due to overlap

    Corresponds to RET010

  • Compulsory Activity

    The course has two compulsory assignments that must be approved in order for the candidate to fulfill compulsory activities (work requirements)

  • Assessment

    Individual 4-hour written school exam

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    Knoph's overview of Norway's law, latest edition


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn. Offered autumn 2023.

A written school exam is held each semester (cf. Regulations on full-time studies at the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH, §3-1).

Course responsible

Knut M. Tande, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law.