Japanese for Business II

JAP11 Japanese for Business II

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022
  • Topics

    Course content

    This course focuses on understanding Japanese business communication and be able to use Japanese in social, but still business related, settings. The factual literature has focus on Japanese business culture and communication, trade between Japan and Norway, and experiences doing business with each other.  

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have attained the following:


    • knowledge about Japanese business culture
    • knowledge about trade between Japan and Norway
    • knowledge about communication between Japanese and Norwegians business associates


    • basic practical skills in Japanese
    • able to hold an everyday conversation in Japanese
    • understands and is able to use some basic economic-administrative expressions

    General competence

    • is able to reflect on how language and culture influence business communication

  • Required prerequisites

    JAP10 or the equivalent.

  • Requirements for course approval

    Submit 6 chapters of a workbook

  • Grading Scale

    Scale A-F


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Primarily taught in Japanese and Norwegian but may add English when necessary.

Spring. Offered spring 2021.