Japanese for Business II

JAP11 Japanese for Business II

  • Topics


    Course content

    Written and oral business communication, approximately 70 Chinese characters, factual literature comprising intercultural communication theories with focus on Japanese working life, business culture, and trading with Norway.

  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome

    Learning outcomes

    The candidate will be expected, on completion of the course, to:

    • have basic practical skills in Japanese
    • be able to conduct a simple everyday conversation
    • have insight into Japanese business culture and communication in an intercultural framework
    • be able to understand and use some basic economic-administrative expressions

  • Required prerequisites

    Required prerequisites

    JAP10 or JAP010

  • Requirements for course approval

    Requirements for course approval


  • Grading Scale

    Grading Scale

    Scale A-F


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Primarily taught in Japanese and Norwegian but may add English when necessary.