Japanese for Business 1

JAP10 Japanese for Business 1

Autumn 2023

  • Topics

    Course content:

    This course is an introduction to Japanese oral and written communication. Written language means two phonetic alphabets and approximately 70 kanii (Chinese characters). In addition, the course provides factual knowledge about Japanese culture and society.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion of the course, the student has acquired the following:


    • basic factual knowledge about the Japanese language system
    • basic factual knowledge about Japan


    • basic practical skills in Japanese
    • able to read simple texts in Japanese
    • able to produce simple oral and written sentences

    general competence:

    • a basic competence in how to work and communicate with East Asians

  • Required prerequisites

    No prerequisite knowledge required

  • Compulsory Activity

    Workbook, 6 hand-ins approx. every second week from mid-September

  • Assessment

    1,5-hour individual home exam

  • Grading Scale

    Pass / Fail


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Primarily taught in Norwegian and Japanese but may include English when necessary

Spring. Offered spring 2023.