Introduction to Ethics

IKE1 Introduction to Ethics

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    IKE1 provides an introduction to ethics and economics. The course will address the central positions in normative ethics (theories of what is right and wrong) and presents studies of what people perceive as right and wrong. A number of important ethical issues are discussed in light of these theories, including corporate social responsibility, fair distribution of income, trust, environmental issues, and financial crime.

  • Learning outcome


    At the end of the course, students can:

    • Describe and explain concepts and central questions and positions in ethical theory (normative ethics).
    • Explain the connection between ethics and motivation (positive ethics).
    • Discuss corporate social responsibility.
    • Explain arguments for and against economic inequality.
    • Describe and explain how trust can be built in a business and how financial crime can be reduced.
    • Discuss ethical aspects of globalization and man-made climate change.


    At the end of the course, students can:

    • Identify moral dilemmas.
    • Apply normative ethics to analyze economic issues.
    • Apply positive ethics to make better decisions.
    • Apply experimental method.
    • Develop strategies to improve companies' reputation.

    General competence

    At the end of the course, students can:

    • Assess ethical issues in the other subjects at NHH.
    • Identify ethical issues in working life.
    • Consider the basic distinction between positive and normative que


ECTS Credits