Grønn teknologi og forretningsmuligheter

SAM23 Grønn teknologi og forretningsmuligheter

Autumn 2023

  • Topics

    The course provides insight into how green technologies are introduced in some key industries and how this transition offers business opportunities for individual firms.

    Different parts will focus on specific industries and how they adopt new green technologies.

    Cases will be used to study the interaction of government regulations and subsidies and business opportunities.

    There will be extensive use of guest lectures from Norwegian business.

  • Learning outcome

    The course will provide and introduction to how the green transition progresses in key industries and how individual firms adapt.

    After completing the course:


    • the student has in-depth knowledge of how the green transition spells out in key industries;
    • the student will be able to discuss how firm competition can lead to reduced climate footprint.
    • the student has basic knowledge of green technologies.


    • the student can assess how firms take strategic actions to benefit from green technologies and new environmental regulations.
    • the student can assess profitability of green projects.
    • the student can assess how profitability depends on political regulations.

    General competence

    • the student is familiar with the current climate footprint of several industries;
    • the student can assess technology/market trends in key industries and how this will contribute to reduces climate footprint.
    • the student can assess how political regulations will change firms' incentives to invest in green technologies.


ECTS Credits