Business Intelligence

SOL17 Business Intelligence

Autumn 2023

Spring 2024
  • Topics

    Businesses are increasingly required to take large quantities of data into consideration, both from their own internal business systems and from external sources and typical big data. Big data concerns the increasing volume of varied data that are generated at high speed in today’s society.

    In their future jobs, students will have to take big data into consideration and make decisions based on data. Business intelligence (BI) is about precisely this: to search for, collect, integrate, analyse and present data so that they provide a good basis for decisions.

    BI has traditionally been based on data stored in business databases and/or data warehouses in which the quality and reliability of the data are verified by IT specialists. Self-service business intelligence, SSBI, is an approach to BI that enables decision-makers to carry out BI activities without such involvement from IT specialists. SSBI is supported by software that lets you import data from a broad selection of data sources, for example internet data. SSBI thereby enables decision-makers to discover weak signals that reflect sudden and subtle changes in the surroundings and to analyse such data without having to wait for support from IT specialists.

    The aim of this course is to prepare students for a job situation in which they must use data in decision-making processes. The course provides an introduction to concepts, models and methods that are relevant for business intelligence. Students will also gain experience of using modern software for SSBI.


    • Decision support / decision process
    • Data warehouses
    • Dimensional modelling
    • Business intelligence and analytics
    • Self-service business intelligence
    • Big data

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge - the candidate

    • has thorough knowledge of business intelligence systems’ potential to help decision-makers search for, collect, integrate and analyse data.
    • has insight in the different components included in a BI solution.
    • has insight into challenges relating to BI
    • has knowledge of principles, methods, concepts and models relating to business intelligence

    Skills - the candidate

    • can design multidimensional data models
    • can build analysis models in an SSBI system
    • can use SSBI tools to carry out analyses

    General competence - the candidate

    • can apply his/her knowledge and skills to be able to play an active role in the development of BI solutions in a specific business context
    • can communicate with ICT consultants about needs relating to specific BI solutions


ECTS Credits