The boundary blurring implications of digitalization


In this talk, I argue that digitalization has been permeating the very fabric of human life by subtly blurring numerous boundaries within and across life spheres. I will illustrate what boundaries are, why they are important for humans and how their demise is affecting consumers and their behaviors in the marketplace. I will then elucidate how the novel lens of boundary management can help explain the simultaneous presence of seemingly disparate market trends (e.g., growth in voluntary simplicity AND luxury; growth in global mindsets AND regionality), how it can help marketers in their endeavor to optimize customer value and how it can help researchers to connect and expand on insights on the foundations of boundaries. 

About the speaker

Dr.Dr. Bernadette Kamleitner is full professor of Marketing with focus on Consumer Research  at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, where she is also vice rector for Research and Third Mission. Her internationally recognized research is positioned at the cross-section of Psychology, Marketing and Economics. Her particular research interests comprise the psychological underpinnings and consequences of experiences of ownership, financial decision making and consumer responses to contemporary societal developments such as a need for more sustainable behaviors and an increase in digitalization.

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