Challenge-based learning as a tool to create diversity and inclusion in the classroom

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In this presentation I will show that challenge-based learning (CBL) can be a strong tool to develop diversity & inclusion (D&I) processes in the international classroom. CBL offers a framework for an innovative and creative approach based on the diversity of a group of students involved in solving a societal challenge proposed by teachers, the industry or other stakeholders. Students develop their intrinsic motivation, learn and pull all their diverse forces and talents together to solve societal challenges that match their interests and motivation. By doing so, they not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also develop many professional skills: Working together, dealing with insecurities, problem-solving thinking and designing, brainstorming, organizing, planning, and communicating – thus all kinds of inclusive skills that they will need in their future careers. This is also a way for educators to fully engage their students in the classroom and develop active learning in a learner-centred and safe environment. I will argue that there is a strong convergence between CBL and D&I processes, a chance for staff and students to develop a truly diverse and inclusive community in an institution of higher education like NHH.

Short bio:

Vincent Merk was a lecturer in intercultural management, professional skills trainer and community advisor for 38 years at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands before he retired last year. In addition, he works as an independent trainer and consultant in intercultural communication, management and professional mobility. He currently focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in education and business and the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on management and leadership practices in Europe and beyond. He is a regular presenter in academic conferences in Europe and Asia and is a former board member and president of SIETAR Europa.