Behavioral Economics for Leaders


Every leader should know the surprising research and strange conclusions of behavioral economics - for fairness, teamwork and productivity.

You and your colleagues don’t always make rational decisions. Sometimes that's a problem that leaders must address, and sometimes that can be a good thing ― when employees put their colleagues interests ahead of their own. Dr. Matthias Sutter, a leading economist from Germany's world-renowned Max Planck Institute explains the latest surprising insights based on behavioral economics research.

The book explains how people tick, how they react to incentives (monetary or non-monetary in nature) and what that means for working together―or against each other―at work.

Dr. Sutter summarizes new and classic behavorial science research that applies the everyday business world, so leaders can improve teams and organizations, the research-based way.

Find out which factors are important for professional success, from career entry to senior management.

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13.00 Alumni event: What is FAIR, Professor Alexander W. Cappelen and Bertil Tungodden (FAIR-1). Cancelled! Alumni are welcome to the lecture at Behavioral Economics for Leaders - Professor Mathias Sutter (Aud A) 16.00 End of programme


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