Workplace Equality


The No Club started by four women whose groundbreaking research based on similar workplace experiences uncovered that women are everywhere burdened with “non-promotable work” instead of getting tasks that matter the most for their careers. All companies and organisations have work or so-called NPTs (non-promotable tasks) or unrewarded responsibilities that no one wants to do and women are disproportionately asked to take them on, which ends up in the wasting of top talents and their productivity. Everyone benefits when NPTs are done, but it robs of valuable time and promotable work that grows careers and eventually paychecks.

The research found that a median female employee spent 200 more hours per year on NPT work than her male counterpart even though men and women were equally good at executing them.

The book walks the reader through how to make changes and empowers women to make sharp decisions. The authors highlight how these changes can affect organisations, and how they assign and reward work.

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The Women in Economics Network (WomEN) is a platform for interactions among female economists with the aim to and promote gender balance in academic leadership positions.