Coding when programmers are impossible to find


Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized. But to digitalize you need programmers to code various solutions.

Given the increase in demand for coders, they are hard to come by. If one or two are available, their terms are often not within reach for ordinary firms.

This raises the question: can we use technology to reduce some of the demand by activating other employees? Can employees with no coding background become coders? Low coding or non-coding has emerged as an option but what are, if any, their limitations and what is the amount of training required to turn non-coders into coders?

This is the topic of DIG’s first HUB-conversation: Coding when programmers are impossible to find.

To enlighten HUB-members, we have invited Torkjel Landås and Christoffer Pettersen from Avo Consulting to lecture and demonstrate what can be done using low-coding tools.


The HUB talk is for the HUB members only and will be in Norwegian.

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