Business model innovation with a focus on social innovations


Business model innovations more than innovations in firms’ market offering have defined the business agenda. Newcomers like Amazon GO, Aibnb and Uber have redefined entire industries. Today society and consumers are expecting more - more in the area of social innovations, .e.g, innovations that benefit society.

DIG has been at the forefront of this through our focus on business models, digitization, and innovations. In this corporate workshop, targeted at DIG’s partners and The HUB’s members, we will address the issue through leading voices from both academia and business.

We will share insight from research and learn from the best within industry. We will engage the audience in conversations and discussions in our pursuit of a deeper understanding. The topic is challenging, and the challenges are complex.

This requires a meeting of minds and a dialogue among engaged leaders. Please, join us at this corporate workshop at the forefront of academic research and business practice.



Welcome and introduction to the day by Professor Tor W Andreassen, NHH

What do we know from research?

• "Business Model Innovation: Doing Well by Doing Good" by Assistant Professor Magne Angelshaug, NHH

What do managers and customers say?

• What innovations have managers prioritized? (based on data from the research project C4) by Professor Bram Timmermans, NHH

• How do customers perceive the innovations? (based on 2021 data from the Norwegian Innovation Index) by Tor W Andreassen, NHH

• How can we understand this?

Discussion at the tables

Q&A in plenary. Led by Assistant Professor Magne Angelshaug, NHH


What do the best do?

• Value-driven innovation work, CEO Hege Nilsen Ekeberg, Stormberg

• What makes Altibox innovative? CEO Tor Morten Osmundsen, Altibox

• What can we learn from this?

Discussion at the tables

Q&A in plenary. Led by Assistant Professor Magne Angelshaug, NHH

Summary and conclusions, Tor & Magne