OIL and DIG MasterClass webinar with Tor W. Andreassen

How to improve your Customer Centric Innovation Score

In this Master Class Tor will discuss some of the mega-trends that will have an impact on how firms innovate in the years to come. We anchor our view in a customer centric perspective.

Tor's point of departure is that Norwegian firms are NOT perceived as innovative by their customers. But their customers are very happy with the quality of delivered goods and services.

When quality is a ticket to play and innovations are a ticket to stay in the market, this imbalance is challenging. The 100-dollar question is: How may digital innovations for sustainable growth improve perceived innovativeness??

How to measure Innovation?

In this Master Class we will adress the methodology behind the Customer Innovation Index that Tor & his team at DIG is spearheading.

This yearly userbased investigation gives the participants and the rest of us insight in which companies really are succeeding at user centric innovation.

We will also discuss the Open Innovation Lab Innovation Metrix and look at some Best of Breed examples, as well as dive into the different ways innovation can be measured in meaningful ways.

Jump in, you will not regret it!

The seminar is free and hosted by DIG partner Open Innovation Lab of Norway.


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