Covid-19 and Human Capital Response: results of a national survey among Norwegian CEOs

This was one of the research questions that motivated a survey Lasse Lien, Kjell Salvanes and Bram Timmermans conducted at the end of May among 1500 Norwegian CEOs. We asked these CEOs a range of question concerning lay-offs and furloughing, expectations concerning recovery and investment decisions. During this seminar, we will present some of the general findings of this survey.

This survey formed a point of departure in a recently awarded research grant from the Norwegian where we investigate human capital responses, labor market effects, and digitalization. Consequently, this project is part of the recently started DIG-Digital Innovation for Sustainable Growth, since the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged firms to implement digital technologies earlier than anticipated, and it seems to have rewarded firms that were highly digitalized before it started. So, what are the consequences and implications of Covid-19 induced digitalization for Norwegian firms and Norwegian workers. So besides presenting our survey results, we hope to engage in an academic dialogue with seminar participants that help us shape the research agenda in this research project.