Submission and registration

Submission and registration

Submission of papers and participant registration for EARIE 2021.

  • Submission of papers

    Submission of papers

    Submission guidelines

    Before submitting a paper, submitters must create a profile on Conference Maker.

    The following information should be included in the submitter's profile and on the submission form: 

    • Name and institutional affiliation of the presenter and of all co-authors 
    • Title of the paper 
    • Address and email address of the presenter 
    • Abstract of the paper of no more than 100 words 
    • Up to six JEL codes 
    • Up to six free keywords 
    • Field/research topic that best matches the paper (to be selected from a list) 
    • Member of the scientific committee whom you would like to have as a reviewer for your paper (the list of the members of the scientific committee is provided in Conference Maker) 

    Important notes 

    Papers can only be submitted electronically using the Conference Maker submission software.

    Only PDF files will be accepted as electronic format.

    The conference takes place from 8.30am until 6.30pm Central European Time. It will not be possible to take into account your time zone when preparing the program.

    Should you be unable to attend EARIE 2021, but a co-author is able to present the paper, please inform the scientific committee chair via email at (Email no longer active) before 2 June 2021. 

  • Registration



    Please follow this link to register for the conference.

    Registration fees

    Academic & Government

    • Early Bird (before 2 June): € 100 
    • Regular fee: € 150


    • Early Bird (before 2 June): € 150
    • Regular fee: € 200

    PhD Students

    • Early Bird(before 2 June): € 50
    • Regular fee: € 100

    All registration fees include 25% Norwegian VAT

    The registration fee includes: 

    • Receipt of payment
    • Admission to all scientific sessions
    • Certificate of attendance
    • EARIE membership for the 2022 calendar year 

    Certificate of attendance 

    In order to reduce the amount of paper used at the EARIE 2021 conference, participants will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” in pdf format upon request only. Requests for these certificates can be indicated during online registration.  

    Registration for presenters 

    Presenters must register by 2 June 2021, otherwise their paper will not be included in the final programme . 

    When registering for the conference via EventBrite, remember to enter your abstract submission code from Conference Maker in the conference registration form.  

    Should you be unable to attend EARIE 2021, but a co-author is able to present the paper, please inform the organisers of the conference via email at (E-mail no longer active) before 2 June 2021. 

    Registration for non-presenters 

    Registration to the conference through the online registration system will be possible until 27 August 2021.  

    Registration as A Phd student 

    If you are registering as a student, please email a scanned copy of a proof that you are enrolled (e.g. a student certificate or a signed letter by your supervisor) to (E-mail no longer active) after you have completed the payment.  


    You will receive final confirmation of your registration for EARIE 2021 only after your payment has been received.

    If you do not receive the confirmation email in due course please check your spam inbox or junk mail folder before contacting us at (E-mail no longer active). 

    Before registering please make sure that you have acknowledged our Data Protection Declaration for the EARIE conference.

  • Young Economists' Essay Awards

    Young Economists' Essay Awards

    On the occasion of the EARIE Annual Conference, a number of best paper prizes known as the Young Economists' Essay Awards (YEEAs) are chosen by a Selection Committee (headed by that year's EARIE Scientific Committee Chair) and awarded to young economists who present exceptionally innovative and high-quality papers at the conference. As of 2006, one of the YEEAs is dedicated to the late Paul Geroski – for the paper that makes the most significant policy contribution. (NOTE: In 2020 the conference was a limited edition so no awards were distributed.)

    The awards are aimed at exceptionally innovative and high-level papers written by researchers who: (a) are under the age of 35 and (b) have completed their PhD less than 5 years ago. For papers with multiple authors, each author should satisfy both criteria (a) and (b). Each year, the YEEA for the paper that makes the most significant policy contribution is dedicated to the late Paul Geroski (As of 2013, Elsevier has kindly sponsored the YEEA monetary prizes, for which EARIE is very grateful.)

    Selection Committee:

    Jan De Loecker, KU Leuven

    Elisabetta Iossa, EARIE 2021 Scientific Committee Chair, University Rome Tor Vergata

    Leslie Marx, Duke University

    Massimo Motta, EARIE President, ICREA-University Pompeo Fabra

    Michelle Sovinsky, University of Mannheim 

    Frank Verboven, IJIO Managing Co-Editor, KU Leuven


    EARIE 2021 YEEA Winners

    Zheng Gong (University of Toronto)
    Growing Influence.

    Ebehi Iyoha (Vanderbilt University)
    Estimating Productivity in the Presence of Spillovers: Firm-level Evidence from the US Production Network.

    Matthias Mertens (Halle Institute for Economic Research & CompNet)
    Labor Market Power and Between-Firm Wage (In)Equality.
    [15th EARIE Paul Geroski Prize for the most significant policy contribution]

    EARIE 2021 YEEA Finalists

    Patrick Coen (Toulouse School of Economics)
    Information loss over the business cycle.

    Simon Finster (University of Oxford)
    Selling Multiple Complements with Packaging Costs.

    Chuqing Jin (Boston University)
    Does Competition Improve Information Quality: Evidence From the Security Analyst Market.

    Andrew Mackenzie (Maastricht University) & Yu Zhou (Kyoto University)
    Menu mechanisms.

  • Information for speakers

    Information for speakers



    To ensure the smooth proceeding of the Conference, please start and finish the sessions on time. Please note that each presenter has approximately 25 minutes for the presentation, the remaining time should be left for discussion. The chair and the speakers should agree on the precise timing and format of the discussion: that is whether it covers the session as a whole or comes following each paper. 

    Session chairs 

    Chairs are invited to come to the room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. They introduce the topic and the speakers, make sure that the time rules are followed and guide the general discussion following the presentation. They should also coordinate with the speakers and agree on the form and precise timing of the discussion. The conference programme identifies the chairs for each session.