TSL Workshop 2022

TSL Workshop 2022 website.

Advances in communications are now affecting every aspect of society. Among those are transportation and logistics, where digital platforms are allowing to capture and exchange data constantly. The Internet of Things is now allowing us to stay connected with virtually anything, while also allowing devices to connect and interact. Likewise, the development of autonomous technologies is progressing at a fast pace. Drones, self-driving cars, unmanned vessels, and robotic handling systems are examples of such technologies. These are motivating a number of new problems in transportation and logistics.

We foresee abstract submissions discussing how digital platforms, data exchange, tracking and autonomy can improve, or even redefine, the planning of logistics and transportation throughout the chain from the ports to the last mile delivery.

Besides submissions linked to the main theme of the workshop, we will also welcome contributions in the broad scope of transportation and logistics. This includes modelling, methodological, theoretical, and applied works.

Programme overview