corporate compliance and anti-corruption

Guest students and researchers are welcome to attend Matthias Kiener’s lecture at NHH on corporate compliance and anti-corruption. Please register with NHH PhD candidate Shrey Nishchal by 7 February, email:

The lecture is part of a master course on corruption, held by Prod. Tina Søreide: Corruption - Incentives Disclosure and Liability.

Matthias Kiener is a KPMG partner in Switzerland and experienced forensic auditing expert.

Regarding the lecture, Matthias says:  Considering the broad learning aims and the topic of corruption, I suggest to make a deep dive into the topic of the “10 Hallmarks of an Effective Compliance Program” as issued by the US Department of Justice in 2017 (attached). For each of the Hallmarks I will provide further explanation from practice/ real life what these elements mean in reality for organizations (e.g. what is to be considered regarding whistleblowing? What’s this talk around ethics and ‘tone at the top’ and how can a company measure its own “ethical culture”? How does a company assure continuous monitoring? What are the implications of an investigation in a corporate environment? What will the ‘three lines of defense’-model imply for corporations?  How do companies perform ‘third party risk management’, etc.). With this plan I intend to switch between the theory (10 Hallmarks) and  practice in order to provide an interesting 90 minutes of lecture. I’m very much looking forward to discussions with your students and to the questions they may have.