How bytes help for bites in the Zero Hunger Lab

Since 2011, a team of over 20 researchers and students have worked together with external stakeholders, such as the World Food Programme, the Dutch Foodbanks and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands, on research projects and knowledge building in this multidisciplinary lab. The work is mainly based on the use of data science to help ensure global food and nutrition security.

Hein Fleuren is co-founder of the Zero Hunger Lab and professor in the application of Business Analytics and Operations Research in practice. He has won the prestigious worldwide Franz Edelman Award twice: in 2012 with TNT Express and in 2021 with the World Food Programme. 

Marleen Balvert is assistant professor at Tilburg University and its Zero Hunger Lab. Her expertise lies in optimization and machine learning. Marleen works in interdisciplinary projects in bioinformatics, the medical field and food security.

The online seminar will consist of a lecture and an interactive part for discussion and connection.

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