Women’s Finance Day

March 25 is Women's Finance Day at NHH! Registration takes place on Thursday 17 March.

The event aims to inform female NHH students about the subject of finance and inspire them to choose finance as a career path. In this way, we hope to help strengthen the diversity of the industry in the long run.

The day will consist of lectures, workshops, panel debates and the opportunity to chat with exciting company representatives. In the evening we end the event with an exclusive banquet in Grieghallen. Registration for WFD is Thursday 17 March at 12.00.

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We are eight women from the first to fourth year at NHH who arrange Women's Finance Day. We hope that we manage to create an engagement among the entire student body at NHH. New for this year is that everyone can participate in the panel debate and the popular lecture - both men and women! We hope to see you there


The purpose of the event is to inform female NHH students about the wide range of opportunities in the finance industry, and to inspire them to choose finance as a career path.

The event has received broad support from the management at NHH, the research community and the business community.

The event should not be confused with a career day, as the primary purpose of Women’s Finance Day is to inspire female economics students to pursue a career in the financial sector. The event offers several good networking opportunities.