Effective Stakeholder and Risk Management for the Energy Transition


During this seminar participants will learn about Equinor’s value chain and its energy transition, balancing risk and opportunity. Which stakeholders are prioritized for the energy transition and how does Equinor manage relations with them?

They will meet a young leader in sustainability and climate communications, and learn how effective stakeholder management works in practice. Participants will then be introduced to a real challenge currently being worked on, and in smaller groups, will take on the role of different stakeholders, identifying their expectations and coming up with recommendations on how Equinor should communicate with them for this challenge.

Facilitators will guide the discussion and give their feedback based on their collective extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and advisory/consultancy roles.

Finally, students will learn about the recruitment process at Equinor, opportunities available, and what it is like to work for this multi-national company.