How to leverage digital technologies to optimize supply chain efficiencies

NHH and Henkel CEMS Skill Seminar - 'How to leverage digital technologies to optimize supply chain efficiencies’

As global supply chains are becoming increasingly interconnected, the need to balance complexity and resilience to shocks is increasing. Henkel started to leverage new innovations like Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud computing and Artificial intelligence to make real-time decisions and adapt to changing market demands. Transparency and visibility generated by sharing data across all internal and external entities of the supply chain, is helping Henkel to ensure a sustainable and profitable growth. With such capabilities in hand, they were able to win market shares in all strategic markets during the recent C-19 pandemic. 

During this seminar students will learn from our Henkel representative based in Amsterdam about Henkel, its global supply chain operations, and the utilization of digital technologies to achieve best combination of all elements (cash, cost, service, and agility) of the supply chain to ensure optimal utilization of internal resources and maximize profitability.

Henkel has designed an easy-to-understand simulation game, through which students will take on different roles, receive real-time injections of information relevant to your teams, and influence the entire journey from factory to supermarket shelves of one of Henkel's leading product’s supply network!