CEMS Nordic Forum

About the Forum

The CEMS Nordic Forum is the largest annual CEMS conference and career event in the Nordics. The conference is a yearly tradition, rotating between the four Nordic schools (Aalto, CBS, NHH and CBS), organized by the CEMS Club of each school. This year’s CEMS Nordic Forum offers CEMS students the opportunity to participate in online case-based workshops with CEMS corporate and other collaborating partners, fitting within the theme "Sustainable Business and Innovation for the Decade of Action".

Our partners

Corporate partners for the event include NHH CEMS Corporate Partners Equinor and CO2 Management, as well as Beiersdorf, Gartner and L’Oreal. Also joining the event with skill seminars are social and collaborating partners CEMS Entrepreneurs, Rafto Foundation and Institute for Human Rights and Business (UK), European Space Agency and WWF.