Effective Stakeholder Management

This Skill Seminar is based on the seminar of the same name given to Masters students from higher education institutions in and around Oslo as part of the Teach First Norway initiative.

Interested? Please contact Marie van Beijeren as soon as possible to register for the event.


09.00-13.00 (including break for lunch).

  1. Introduction to stakeholder management and the importance of this area for successful business operations.
  2. Learn about how Equinor cooperates with the following stakeholders/addresses the following topics:
    • Politicians (primarily Norwegian)
    • Governments, Norwegian, Foreign
    • NGO’s, Norwegian, Foreign
    • Other important stakeholders, depending on sector and theme
    • Importance of good stakeholder system (digital) especially considering the laws on personal protections and data management
    • Use of external advisors/ consultants
    • Mandatory stakeholder reporting , primarily, EU and USA
    • Cultural differences, Norway versus other countries, examples and experiences
  3. You will then be able to apply your new-found knowledge to a relevant case. For this you will work in groups to analyse and come up with recommendations to address the challenge presented.
  4. Presentation of findings and feedback from facilitator.



Hans-Aasmund Frisak
Leader, Corporate Communication

Hans-Aasmund has direct experience from stakeholder management (work) in Norway, EU and China. In addition, following up other countries where Equinor is operating. In this current role at Equinor he is responsible for international governmental and public affairs.


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