Gender equality in academia

09.15-09.30 Coffee and tea
09.30-09.35 Welcome
Gunnar E. Christensen, vice rector for faculty affairs and HR

Recruiting, retaining, and empowering a more diverse student body - lessons from the CORE project in economics

Wendy Carlin, professor of economics at University College London (UCL) and leader of the CORE-project


Panel discussion

  • Wendy Carlin, professor of economics at University College London (UCL) and leader of the CORE-project
  • Gisle Andersen, professor and PhD-coordinator, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication
  • Christine B. Meyer, professor, Department of Strategy and Management
  • Linda Nøstbakken, professor and deputy rector and vice rector for academic affairs

Concluding remarks

12.00-13.15 Discussion over lunch

Moderator: Jarle Møen, professor and head of the Department of Business and Management Science

Organisers: Deputy rector and vice rector L. Nøstbakken, vice rector G. E. Christensen, prof. A. Kunze and gender equality adviser I. Tyssedal


Did you know that at least 300,000 women are missing from economics in USA alone?

This is the assertion of Wendy Carlin, Professor of Economics at University College London (UCL) and leader of the CORE project, an online introduction to economics.

The CORE project offers a new way of teaching economics, using real world economic and social problems – inequality, climate change, instability, wealth creation and innovation – to teach fundamental economic concepts and quantitative skills.

"We know that women who do study economics tend to be interested in psychology and the other social sciences, while men who come to economics might have instead studied engineering or business. We developed the CORE project to see if radically new content in first year economics courses can get the missing women back. As well as economic theory, it is problem-centered and more interdisciplinary," Carlin writes.

Read more in this piece by Wendy Carlin and collaborators on

We are very pleased to announce that Carlin is visiting NHH to give a talk on this topic.

The aim of the seminar is to increase our awareness of gender equality in a broad sense, raise challenges and opportunities, and provide input to our ongoing work to improve gender balance and the quality of education and research at NHH.

Professor Wendy Carlin's profile page at UCL