Using access control card and chip reader

Using access control card and chip reader

Functions and other information about NHH's access control card and chip readers.


07.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday:

  • Hold your access card/chip against the reader for 3 seconds


  • Type your personal code, and then use your card/chip.

For resetting of your personal code: Contact the Service Centre during their opening hours Monday to Friday 08.00 - 15.45 

If the card reader does not respond, your card / chip is defect. Contact the Service Centre.


  • A green light means the door is open.
  • A red light means you do not have access to the door.
  • A flashing blue light is normal during reading of the card / chip.

The cards /chips are automatically updated when using this type of readers.

In case of a lost card / chip, contact the Service Centre for a new one. The old one will automatically be deleted.

Special lock functions

For office doors and some other doors defined by the system administrator, it is possible to set the door in an unlocked state. This is obviously convenient if you don’t want to unlock the door every time you use it.

To do this, you hold your access chip against the lock for approximately 8 seconds. The door will remain unlocked until the process is repeated.

All doors can be programmed to work in different ways to suit the need of users. For example, some doors may be unlocked during working hours, and otherwise be locked.

Please contact your department or office administration if you want to change how a specific door works.

Salto access card reader.  Illustration
Salto Access Card Reader. Illustration