ENGAGE.EU Board of Learners

ENGAGE.EU Board of Learners

ENGAGE.EU is a European university alliance with a Board of Learners (BoL) representing students from all nine member universities. The BoL voices student concerns, advocates for inclusion and educational equity, and is the primary contact for student and alumni groups.

The Board of Learners (BoL) serves as the central voice for students, doctoral candidates, and alumni within ENGAGE.EU. Its primary role is to provide counsel to the decision-making committees, with a particular emphasis on matters of education. Comprised of 18 members, two from each partner university, the BoL is a diverse group dedicated to representing the interests and perspectives of the ENGAGE.EU community.

They also run initiatives like the Student Ambassador program and local student chapters. If you want to contribute to shaping ENGAGE.EU, reach out to the local ENGAGE.EU student representatives at NHH.

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