New article by Ådland

The article "Explaining price differences between physical and derivative freight contracts" has been published in Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review.

The impact of environmental regulations on shipping

On Tuesday 28 August 2018 Yewen Gu will hold a trial lecture on a prescribed topic and defend his thesis for the PhD degree at NHH.

Sports Analytics Impacts Practice

Mario Guajardo, in collaboration with Gonzalo Zamorano and Guillermo Durán, programmed the 2018 schedule of Superliga, the main league of professional football in Argentina.

On scrubber and super profits

Roar Ådland questions the flurry of scrubber purchases in recent days. Are we merely back in the misleading ecoship territory from five years ago?

Guajardo finalist of EURO Excellence in Practice Award

Associate Professor Mario Guajardo has been selected as finalist of the EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA).

Plenary session and more of CSL at CMS conference in Trondheim

Stein W. Wallace has been invited to give a plenary session at the XV Conference on Computational Management Science (CMS)

Wallace plenary speaker at EURO’s EWGLA conference in UK

Stein W. Wallace has been invited to give a plenary session at the XXIV conference of the EURO working group on Locational Analysis (EWGLA).

Top publication by Mario Guajardo

The article "Collaborative transportation with overlapping coalitions" has been published in European Journal of Operational Research.

– Our goal is to see shipping lead the field

‘You represent an industry that has really felt the effects of the oil price drop at first-hand. But now the worst is over,’ said Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen at NHH’s shipping conference in Bergen.

New article by Ådland

The article "Does energy efficiency affect ship values in the second-hand market?" has been published in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.

NHH leading the project AutoLog

The AutoLog project will research the usefulness of autonomous ships.

Top publication by Stein W. Wallace

The article "Big Data Analytics in Operations Management" has been published in Production and Operations Management.

No financial gain in digitalisation

Roar Ådland: There is no financial gain in digitalisation for the shipping companies.

Professor questions several aspects of Maersk and IBM's blockchain project

Despite massive exposure, it is far from certain that Maersk and IBM will win the digitalisation race in the shipping sector, says Roar Ådland.

Battery-operated merchant vessels no more than a decade away

Roar Ådland: Battery-operated vessels on major trade routes seem like the stuff of a far-distant future.

Shipping: Electric before Autonomous

Roar Ådland writes about electrification in shipping, getting views from Tesla’s Elon Musk.