The Knowledge Firm

The Knowledge Firm

The Knowledge Firm is a research project that will analyze knowledge based capabilities and activities, with the emphasis on a) allocation of personnel and b) competence development in complex organizations.

In firms, the roles of resource owner and task owner may be allocated to different middle managers, there are matrixes, projects, work processes and knowledge integration across departments, inter-organizational cooperation, as well as use of external consultants. Inside an organization, these structures often coexist with traditional line management and hierarchies.

Research and teaching on Human Resource Management have to a large extent neglected these aspects of modern organizations, as well as how they impact HRM issues such as allocation of personnel resources, knowledge development and sharing, organizational learning, commitment and performance evaluation.

The purpose of the project is to develop research-based knowledge on these themes, that is also of relevance to managers and large organizations.

The Knowledge Firm runs from January 2019 until December 2023. 

The program is funded by Equinor.

It is part of SNF's Innovation, Strategy and Marketing research program