Freelance research project

Freelance research project

Freelancers, independent contractors and the organization of work.

The last decades have seen a growth in the number of freelancers and independent contractors, begging a number of questions on participation in working life, work quality and the management and control of work.

Five themes will be explored in the project:

  • How do freelancers experience and handle their positon as liminal subjects in a project setting?
  • In the context of increased use of freelancers in the media sector; to what extent do freelancers and people in standard employment relations differ in terms of work quality, work experience and professional approach to work?
  • What is the function and impact of social networks, professional associations and digital communities as regards knowledge development and market development for freelancers?
  • What is the role and function of third parties and digital platforms, who mediate between freelancers and customer organizations?
  • Are there specific managerial challenges in coordinating teams and project work when freelancers and internal employees work together, and how are these challenges handled?

The project runs from July 2019 until June 2023 and will be based on a cooperation between SNF/NHH, Linkøping University and FAFO.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

It is part of SNF's Innovation, Strategy and Marketing research program