WomEN to go virtual

By Vilde Blomhoff Pedersen

6 April 2020 10:46

WomEN to go virtual

WomEN wil organize a series of virtual networking events targeted at female economics in Nordic countries.

To continue our effort to create a platform for interaction among female economists during a time when travelling has become difficult, WomEN starts a new series of 30-minutes virtual networking meetings. The meetings are targeted at female economists  - both PhD students and faculty - in Nordic countries.

During the first meeting on April 16 at 15.00, Helena Skyt Nielsen (Professor at Aarhus University and Editor-in-Chief, Labour Economics, 2014-2017) will talk about the “The Art of Refereeing”. We aim on having monthly meetings and will announce the upcoming meetings and topics here.

The speaker will take 15 minutes and we will have 15 minutes at the end of the call. WomEN will host the call on Zoom. To start, we will mute everyone except for our speaker. If the group is small enough, we’ll open the microphone for the last 15 minutes and just have a lively discussion. If we are too many, you can ask a question by selecting “raise your hand” in the “participants” tab.  You will find it under the list of participants. Make sure your video is turned on when you have a question (unless you are joining from a phone). Whatever happens, we’ll figure it out, learn, and improve as we go along.

To receive the invitation to the zoom call, please sign up here: