About WomEN

About WomEN

The Women in Economics Network (WomEN) is a platform for interactions among female economists with the aim to and promote gender balance in academic leadership positions.

Although about equally many women and men are enrolled in PhD programs in economics in Norway, only 28% of the academic positions at economics departments in Norway are held by women in 2019. This is largely due to the fact that many women fall off the career ladder as they miss role models, are held to higher standards and do not receive the same acknowledgement for their co-authored work as men do.

WomEN is a project that started 1.8.2019 and receives three Million NOK from the Research Council of Norway under the BALANSE framework. WomEN will address two different issues to improve gender equality.

  1. Build a professional networking platform that increases the visibility of research projects led by women and helps recruit more women.
  2. Address individual challenges to limit the dropout rate of women.

WomEN is a part of NHH’s effort to improve gender equality. WomEN will create an integrated collaboration between the management of NHH and the faculty members, with a focus on gender equality. WomEN is linked to the Norwegian Center of Excellence FAIR that actively promotes gender equality in economics.

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