Heres what some of our partners has to say about us.



“As a major Norwegian consulting firm, we have been helping our clients adapting to a digital world for more than 20 years. When developing new IT systems, new products and services, and data-driven decisions – there are always a variety of methodology and ways to succeed. Or to fail. Hopefully, DIG will collect data and conduct science that better can guide our consultants as well as companies and organizations on the best path to success with their innovations and value creation and capturing.”



“Telenor is connecting people and things. New digital technologies with 5G, internet of things, and artificial intelligence provide a new wave of opportunities to transform companies and society. In an ever more complex world, we need multidisciplinary research in close collaboration between academia, business, and government bodies to find solutions to intricate business and public challenges. We are thrilled to work with NHH and partner companies in the DIG program to develop new knowledge about how digital technologies can create sustainable growth to modernize Norwegian companies and empower the society.”



“Innovation has always been a key component for growth in sustainable businesses focused on profit, people and planet. The DIG initiative fully embraces the opportunities and threats created by digitization of our processes, products, and services, as well as the potential impact this will have on business growth opportunities locally, regionally, and globally. Our members span the entire fintech scope from incumbent banks and insurance companies to disruptive new startups. The NCE Finance Innovation platform will be happy to collaborate with the rest of the DIG ecosystem in this open innovation effort.”


Geir Inge Stokke, CEO, Coop Norge SA

“By joining DIG, Coop will gain unique knowledge and insight. At the same time, we get access to future-oriented research and a scientific environment with high professional competence. This will give us very useful insights and exchange of experiences that can help further strengthen our ability to create new and better customer experiences through digital innovation and transformation. Coop already delivers a significant digital universe to our 1.8 million co-owners, and we believe the collaboration with DIG can contribute to the continuous development of new, relevant, and useful digital services built on co-owners' data - on their own platform (co-owner universe).”


Helge Leiro Baastad, CEO, Gjensidige

"Gjensidige provides safety by offering insurance products, supplementary services and counselling. Our vision is to know the customer best and care the most. Digital data presents an opportunity to know our customers and understand their needs better than ever before. In the coming years we aim to achieve greater relevance and create business opportunities by offering our customers a broader value proposition – in terms of both services and products, alone or in partnership with other providers.

DIG is an important arena for sustainable development and research aimed at the business community, especially regarding increased value creation and improved offers to our customers using existing and new technology. DIG presents us with possibilities for contributing in applied science exploring how to succeed better with innovation and value creation. We look forward to exciting and rewarding cooperation with NHH and partners of DIG."

Ivar Horneland Kristensen

Ivar horneland kristensen, CEO, virke

We need to do what we can to contribute to better decisions, increase the use of technology and pave way for a future that demands more sustainable business models. Together with DIG we can build a bridge between businesses and the academic world. A bridge that will contribute to a flow of data, competence and a competitive edge for our members which operate in a sector that is currently facing fierce international competition. We are proud to be a part of DIG in their important work for businesses today and tomorrow.


Trine Samuelsberg


Bergen municipality is responsible for comprehensive and central tasks in society. Service development and community development are two of the most important axes in this work. We are now in a strong digital transformation. Systems and processes are streamlined and the work of making the municipality an accessible and seamless service provider and partner, has a high intensity.

Collaborating with the DIG-center gives us increased knowledge and broader insight into research and other partners' work. Experiences are shared from a wide range of actors. This creates increased commitment and understanding of secure digitization and innovation work, also in a municipal perspective. The municipality of the future is built in collaboration with committed actors and DIG is an important arena for knowledge, learning and development.