Challenges in a Multinational and Project-based Multidimensional Organization

By Karen Nerigard and Sharon Roe

20 June 2019 15:32

Challenges in a Multinational and Project-based Multidimensional Organization

While the challenges in matrix organizations are well known, our study aims to explore challenges in a distinct multidimensional context with an emphasis on geography, functions and project-phases.

In this embedded single case study, we have explored the challenges encountered in a multinational and project-based organization, with a distinct multidimensional structure.

Following, we have conducted 14 in-depth interviews in a global offshore company.

Our main findings demonstrate that the main challenges occur with the use of double roles and with regards to integration throughout the company.

However, with regard to the use of double roles our findings are ambiguous. According to our findings, double roles has a negative impact on the coordinated understanding of roles and efficiency at the regional level, but also simplifies the vertical reporting lines.

The key challenges with integration include areas such as strategy and overall goals, conflict, decision-making, competition and autonomy, conflicting objectives and knowledge transfer.

The findings of this study imply that managers in multidimensional companies could benefit from carefully considering how to use mechanisms for vertical and horizontal coordination, both internally and between the different dimensions in the structure.

By highlighting challenges that occur in a multidimensional context, these findings may also be relevant for practitioners in multidimensional companies with similar features as the case company.

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