DIG is Hiring Research Assistants

13 April 2023 10:41

DIG is Hiring Research Assistants

DIG - Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth - is hiring 4-5 students as research assistants to several research projects.

We are looking for candidates that can assist us from May June 2023 onwards. Depending on the task, proficiency in both Norwegian and English might be a requirement. 

The tasks will vary and will depend on the individual's expertise. Examples of relevant tasks include:

  • Transcription and coding of interviews
  • Support for design and programming of surveys
  • Data processing and data analysis using various software
  • Collection of background information for projects and digitization of documents
  • Translation (English/Norwegian) and updating of webpages
  • Other miscellaneous tasks
  • The workload will vary, with an estimate of 5-10 hours per week.

At DIG, we are committed to a good environment and want the research assistants to become a part of our social atmosphere.

For questions, please contact Bram Timmermans or Irene Haukås Moe 

Application (cover letter, CV, transcript, reference) should be sent to irene.moe@nhh.no by 21 April, 2023.