Why is there so much bad customer service?

3 January 2022 15:06

Why is there so much bad customer service?

Despite all good intentions, things will go wrong - occasionally. In this podcast we address, among other things, how to turn a negative incident into a positive experience?

In a digital age, technology too often comes between customers and firms, creating frustration and anger. How can we maintain a good balance between high tech and high touch in the moment of truth,i.e., when fims interact with their customers. Some key questions are:

How to change customers mindset when something goes wrong?

How to save money in addition to earning them?

Listen and learn from reflections and research in 'Lederskap',  NHH's very own leadership podcast (formerly 'Ledertaffel'). In episode 37 «Why is there so much bad customer service?», professor and leader of The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH Tor W. Andreassen was invited to reflect about this, together with PhD Marius Jones and Accociate

Professor Therese Sverdrup, both from NHH.

'Lederskap' is in Norwegian.