EU Horizon funding to DIG


8 August 2022 12:44

EU Horizon funding to DIG

NHH employee, Assistant Professor Vidya Oruganti, secures EU Horizon grant funding within the area of health data and ecosystems. The project is very timely given the compelling need to consolidate efforts and resources in the health care industry.

The new EU Horizon - RIA project “Mobilising novel finance models for health promotion and disease prevention” or Invest4Health”, is for a duration of 42 months and is estimated to start in January 2023. The total project budget is 50 MNOK, with 4 MNOK granted to SNF/NHH. Assistant professor, Vidya Oruganti, will lead the work package three "Business modelling for smart capacitating investment" in the project.

This project aims to design, test, and implement novel customer (patient) oriented finance business models in health care. This will encompass structuring digital infrastructures, such as health data platforms, that various stakeholders can engage in to build data-driven innovation ecosystems. SNF/NHH is the Work Package (WP 3) Leader that specifically focuses on designing smart-capacitating business models -i.e., finance business models that empower individuals with more access and active roles. The project has some overlaps with our current Research Council Norway project “BEST in Retail” at DIG.

The consortium has about 20 diverse partners, including Erasmus University, Gothenburg University, University of Oxford, SINTEF, Rise Research Institute (Sweden), Norway Health Tech, Bangor University (UK) 

Oruganti would like to thank Professor Bram Timmermans for his support and guidance from the beginning and to help situate this new EU-project well in SNF/NHH.

Vidya Oruganti holds an PHD from Grenoble Ecole de Management in France and a master from London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and has also previously worked in healthcare sector for 4 years. Oruganti joined NHH in September 2021 as assistant professor within its Digital Innovation for Growth (DIG) research center, Department of Strategy and Management, where she is working on The RCN project “Best in Retail”.