Corporate workshop on social innovations

The HUB corporate workshop at Telenor. Participants. Photo: Telenor
Researchers and industry representatives joined forces at The HUB corporate workshop hosted by Telenor at Fornebu 5 April. Photo: Telenor

5 May 2022 09:08

(updated: 5 May 2022 09:49)

Corporate workshop on social innovations

Consumers have come to expect more innovations that benefit society. Thus, business model innovation with a focus on social innovations was the topic at DIG and the HUB’s Corporate workshop 5 April.

Business model innovations more than innovations in firms’ market offering have defined the business agenda. Newcomers like Amazon GO, Aibnb and Uber have redefined entire industries.

Today society and consumers are expecting more – more in the area of social innovations, e.g. innovations that benefit society.

DIG has been at the forefront of this through our focus on business models, digitization, and innovations. In this corporate workshop, targeted at DIG’s partners and The HUB’s members, we addressed the issue though leading voices from both academia and business.

From Bram Timmerman we learned that firms have innovated during the pandemic and that the innovative firms staid on top also during C-19.

From Magne Angelshaug gave us a wall-to-wall overview of the field of business model innovation and Tor W. Andreassen presented the findings from 2021-data from NII on social innovations.

Tor Morten Osmundsen, CEO Altibox, and Hege Nilsen, CEO Stromberg, shared their insights and initiatives on social innovations. The audience was engaged i conversations and discussions, which gave us all a deeper understanding of the topic.

We would also like to thank our DIG partner Telenor for being an excellent host for the workshop.

In addition to Telenor, we were joined by representatives from Gjensidige, KPMG, Posten, TietoEVRY, Bekk and Asplan Viak.

Professor Tor W Andreassen. Photo: Irene Haukås Moe
Professor Tor W Andreassen. Photo: Irene Haukås Moe
HUB Workshop, Tor Morten Osmundsen , Hege Nilsen Ekeberg and Magne Angelshaug. AC
Tor Morten Osmundsen from Altibox, Hege Nilsen Ekeberg from Stormberg and Magne Angelshaug from NHH.
HUB workshop participants in action. Photo: Telenor
HUB workshop participants in action. Photo: Telenor