Service and innovation

15 March 2021 15:58

Service and innovation

To know what to innovate, you have to know something about services!

By Tor W. Andreassen and Line Lervik-Olsen, Fagbokforlaget, 2021, 345 pages.

The book “Service and innovation” has two sections. The first part addresses the basics of ordinary services before moving on to modern services that contain a large element of online services. Modern services are thus the sum of physical services and online services. The interplay between these two worlds, which customers experience as one, is thoroughly discussed within the framework of a model for modern service delivery. It consists of the three parts internal resources, the moment of truth and external results.

The second part of the book focuses on innovation. The starting point is that the vast majority of inventions fail in the market. This is a problem that the company can best solve by gaining a better understanding of the customer side of service innovations. This means that one must be concerned with increasing customer value through innovation. We see the innovation process over two stages: Developing something new, i.e., inventions. The second stage is to take the invention to the market, i.e., innovation. We divide innovation into the four main areas of idea development, service design, commercialization, and improvement.

The book “Service and innovation” is written for students who take courses in service innovation, service management or related topics. Managers and marketers of services, who either want an introduction or a refresher on the topic, will also benefit from reading the book.

Tor W. Andreassen, PhD, is a professor and Director of the research center Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth (DIG) at NHH The Norwegian School of Economics.

Line Lervik-Olsen, PhD, is professor and Head of the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School and affiliated with DIG-center at NHH.