Coop announces scholarships

8 September 2021 10:59

Coop announces scholarships

Coop announces four scholarships in connection with their partnership with the DIG project "Best in Retail".

Retail is undergoing major changes. Can new business models, ecosystems and artificial intelligence uphold employment and maintain diversity in the sector? 

Coop is a strategic partner in Digital Innovation of Growth (DIG) and corporate partner in the DIG research project "BEST in retail". In this connection, Coop Norway SA announces scholarships on behalf of Advokat Dehlies Fond to students who wish to contribute to this work. 

Coop intends to award four scholarships of NOK 50.000. Topics that are relevant for consideration are:

  • The co-operative universe
  • Circular economy 
  • Sustainability
  • Social responsibility/diversity
  • Co-operative democracy/corporate governance

Application deadline is 15 October 2021.

Read about the scholarship and how to apply here.