The HUB@NHH joins forces with OIL

27 May 2020 15:29

The HUB@NHH joins forces with OIL

The HUB has partnered with Open Innovation Lab of Norway – a community of global experts and Norway’s leading network for professionals focusing on innovation and growth.

The Digital Transformation Hub (The HUB) is an arena for leaders who are engaged in digital transformations and innovation challenges that matter to them. The HUB offers its partners research based knowledge on digital innovations for sustainable growth, an arena for networking with leaders from other corporations and industries, and research-based training and education.

“To be relevant and interesting, we must collaborate with excellent actors in the field of digitization and innovation” states professor Tor W Andreassen, who leads the HUB@NHH. Open Innovation Lab of Norway (OIL) is an excellent actor who operates “by invitation only” and have become a inspiring community of global experts and a social arena focused on innovation and growth. OIL’s members are innovative leaders, pioneering change agents, and future oriented visionaries, from various industries.

With this agreement, members of the HUB@NHHs are invited to be part of this community of workshops and conferences and have access to OIL’s information-rich innovation portal –

“OIL’s goal is to inspire, innovate and share insight in ways that make our members more successful” states Truls Berg who leads OIL. OIL’s program is designed to dive into the insights and lessons learned by the best innovators. Ass we say, none of us is as smart as all of us. Benefits to OIL members including HUB-parters are:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly webinar and Bi monthly membership meetings
  • Quarterly conferences
  • Annual international expedition/journey visiting leading edge organizations.
  • Access to Innovasjonsportalen - a web based arena for sharing of information.
  • Professional competence network with other like-minded people

We will encourage all The HUB partners to take a look at OILs website and OIL Activities 2020