Radical change in the multinational mobile telephony industry

27 October 2020 14:40

Radical change in the multinational mobile telephony industry

Will mobile network operators continue to thrive in 2030? Or will they simply Rest in Peace – being taken over by others?

RACE is working closely with Telenor to map out radical change at Telenor. In this video Telenor’s vice president for research, Frank Elter, who is closely involved with RACE, sets out the case for radical change.

Elter’s three main topics are:

  1. Why the structure of mobile industry is changing
  2. How it is changing
  3. Implications for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

Professor Paul Gooderham comments:

“This video will be of interest to those who want to learn more about how a set of forces may drive fundamental industry changes and the implications such structural changes may have on companies.

If Telenor fails with radical change it will end up as a utility supplying low-cost connectivity for the benefit of global digitally based firms. This prospect is set to become significantly more tangible with the imminent introduction of 5G.

The challenge is not just one of acquiring new capabilities, but also the painful and arduous task of ‘legacy removal’. Kodak could not manage it. Will Telenor be any more successful?”

Further reading on idunn.no:

F. Elter, P. Gooderham, A. Dasi and T. Pedersen: Legacy removal as a core dynamic capability for incumbent MNCs facing disruptive change

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