Race the Sun event With Deloitte

27 October 2020 11:23

Race the Sun event With Deloitte

What do you do when a major client wants you do deliver a full-scale leadership development program to support their digital transformation? And what if they also want you to develop it all in just a few months, adapted to the challenges that COVID represents?

In the summer of 2019, Telenor presented this challenge to Deloitte. In November the same year, Deloitte delivered a fully digital leadership development programme, that has now been rolled out to over 2000 senior leaders at Telenor and has received stellar feedback.

Not only has the platform received positive feedback from Telenors management, it has also been nominated to best learning technology project in commercial sector 2020.

On the 5 November, Børge Hennø and Cathrine Børsand, both from Deloitte, will present the Strategy Execution Programme digitally at RaCE the SUN.

RaCE the SUN is put together by the RaCE research group at NHH and the Student Committee of NHH, SUN, with help from the Business Committee, NU. Børge and Cathrine will share the story of Telenor SEP3, give you a sneak peak into the content, and challenge you to build on their thinking through a case.

The event starts Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 17:30 on Zoom.

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