Elements of AI

Robot holding a crystal ball
Illustration: NTNU

29 April 2020 15:30

(updated: 30 April 2020 09:52)

Elements of AI

NHH’s research partner Norwegian Open AI Lab at NTNU, offers a free online artificial intelligence course “Elements of AI” in Norway. We hope you’d like to join the AI challenge, or “KI-løftet” in Norwegian.

Too few people today know what artificial intelligence is. That is not good enough! Artificial intelligence is going to change the world as much as the Internet has done. For this reason, we are planning to offer a large-scale education program, where the entire country's population is invited to take a course in artificial intelligence of over 30 hours”. - Former Minister of Digitization Nikolai Astrup, 13 January 2020.

The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of artificial intelligence in society. The course is an introductory course. No prior knowledge of programming or digital technology is required.

NTNU and Feed AS offer the Norwegian version of the course.

Course Content

The course consists of six parts. Parts 1 and 6 deal with basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and focus on social relevance, application, and ethical issues. Sections 2–5 describe the technical aspects of artificial intelligence. It is possible to take only selected parts of the course. The whole course takes approx. 30 hours to complete. It consists of both theory and practical assignments. The course is easy to understand and engaging. We recommend the course for people who have completed secondary school. For some of the tasks you have to be able to do a bit of math, but you can go a long way in walking and sharing.

What do you need to do to participate?

Anyone wishing to attend the course must register as a course participant on the website


Course certificate for anyone who completes

Everyone who completes the course will receive a diploma/course certificate with a description of the course content and scope. The course corresponds to two credits in workload. It is given per today no credits for the course. 

#aichallenge | # kiløftet

In Finland and Sweden, #aichallenge has been an important factor in getting the course through. #aichallenge, or # wedge lift, as we call it in Norwegian, is about companies and public companies committing their employees to get information about "Elements of AI", and possibly a request to take the course. In the fall of 2019, more than 450 Finnish and Swedish companies had taken up the challenge, including Telia, Nokia, Systembolaget, Nordea, Bonnier, the Swedish Tax Agency, and Volvo.

In Norway, a number of companies and organizations have already committed to participate in the #kloft lift, among others: Telia, Telenor, DNB, NHH, DNV-GL, NorgesGruppen, Statkraft, TrønderEnergi, Sparebank 1, Schibsted, NAV, Digital Norway, IBM, Norwegian Hydro and Abelia.