The Norwegian Innovation Index wins the 2019 ISSIP Award

23 April 2019 13:41

(updated: 30 April 2020 09:52)

The Norwegian Innovation Index wins the 2019 ISSIP Award

The Norwegian Innovation Index, developed by CSI, have won the 2019 ISSIP Distinguished Recognition Award.

The Distinguished Recognition Award is given to submissions that, in the judgement of the ISSIP Award Committee, represent innovative and impactful service designs and implementations from which service innovators around the world can derive inspiration.

ISSIP Awards Committee

Heather Yurko, ISSIP President (Facebook)
Yassi Moghaddam, ISSIP Executive Director 
Ralph Badinelli, Chair, ISSIP Awards Committee (Virginia Tech)
Haluk Demirkan, Member, ISSIP Awards Committee (U of Washington - Tacoma)
Gerhard Gudergan, Member, ISSIP Awards Committee (Aachen U)
Sunil Kripalani, Member, ISSIP Awards Committee (Optum)

Norwegian Innovation Index (NII)

The Norwegian Innovation Index a systematic national measure of innovativeness as customers perceive it. Following a service-based understanding of value co-creation, the point of departure of the index is that customers—not managers or experts—are the best judges of the value of innovations.

Accordingly, the Norwegian Innovation Index (NII) rests on two assumptions:

  • countries cannot be innovative—companies can
  • leaders and experts are not the final judges of innovations—customers are

The original index was developed by Tor W. Andreassen, Line Lervik-Olsen, and Seidali Kurtmollaiev from the Center for Service Innovation (CSI) at NHH-Norwegian School of Economics.

The index has received significant interest among Norwegian companies and has since been applied also in the US in the form of the American Innovation Index (AII) and in Sweden as the Swedish Innovation Index (SII - will be published during Spring 2019).

There are several academic publication in progress in relation to the index and its methodology.

In addition, the Aii’s team – Gina Woodall, Lerzan Aksoy, Tor W. Andreassen, Charles L. Colby, and Tim Keiningham — won the The Best Practitioner Presentation Award of the 2018 Frontiers in Service Conference.


Norwegian Innovation Index

American Innovation Index

Swedish Innovation Index


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