The science of DIG is expected to attain an internationally recognized level and to increase the effectiveness of digital innovations for business.

For this to be achieved DIG is honored to be reviewed and advised by a strategic board of directors with highly skilled members from partners and a distinguished scientific advisory board.  

Picture of DIG board
From left: Rune Skjelvan, KPMG, Simen Aasen Engebretsen, Gjensidige, Bram Timmermans, NHH, Geir Mikalsen, NHH, Henning Hauso, Bergen Kommune, Nina Christin Yttervik, Posten, Magne Angelshaug, NHH, Therese Egeland, NHH, Ivan Belik, NHH, Dagfinn Myhre, Telenor, Anne Cathrin Haueng, NHH, Christel Halsen, Skatteetaten, Øystein Eriksen Søreide, Abelia, Irene Haukås Moe, NHH and Olav Folkestad, Bekk.

DIG’s Executive Board of Directors

Dagfinn Myhre.jpg

Head of Telenor Research (acting), Dagfinn Myhre, Telenor, Chair

Øystein Eriksen Søreide Photo: Abelia press

CEO Øystein Eriksen Søreide, Abelia

Nina Yttervik.jpg

EVP People and organization Nina Christin Yttervik, Posten Bring AS

Jørgen Taalesen

SVP Innovation Jørgen TaalesenGjensidige


Vice rector for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor Malin ArveNHH


Municipal director Tor CorneliussenBergen Kommune

Olav Folkestad

CEO Olav FolkestadBEKK


Director Organization and Member Geir Jostein Dyngeseth, COOP Norge SA




Director for Development Christel Halsen, The Norwegian Tax Authorities and Administration   


Director Communication and External Relations Geir Mikalsen, NHH


Dean and Professor Ingrid Schjølberg, NTNU

Rune Skjelvan Foto: KPMG

CEO Rune Skjelvan, KPMG

DIG board of directors and management team at the establishment of DIG 1st September 2020.
DIG board of directors and management team at the establishment of DIG 1st September 2020.

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