PhD course on the Theory of Institutions

11 March 2021 14:40

PhD course on the Theory of Institutions

The Centre for Business Economics invites to a PhD course with Professor Tore Ellingsen, Stockholm School of Economics and NHH.

From around 1870 to 1960, the social sciences fragmented, with sociology and political science building up disciplines that were separate from economics. With the advent of game theory, this process slowly reversed. Game theory generated new overlaps between economics, political science, and social psychology. More recently, there has been a strong movement to reintegrate economics with sociology. The course offers a glimpse of that progress.

More specifically, the course sets forth a coherent conceptual framework for the analysis of societies in general and their culture and institutions in particular. We use this framework to discuss why societies differ so much in their degree and form of cooperation. The course ends by showcasing some recent work on the impact of culture on economic outcomes. Since the field is vast and rapidly evolving, the focus is more on understanding what kind of research can be done in this area than on grasping precisely what has already been done.

The course ECS569 will be held June 7-11, 2021.