Network support to CBE

27 November 2020 09:59

Network support to CBE

CBE has received financial support from the Norwegian Research Council to stimulate joint activities at the center. The center leaders see this as a great opportunity to boost activities within CBE.

The financial support consists of funding for research stays at NHH for external researchers, funding for workshops and PhD courses.

The financial support includes funding for approximately two guest-research stays at NHH per year for 2021-2024. The funding covers travel costs and a stay of one month at NHH. The aim of this activity is to boost research and research applications in the group as well as strengthen the group’s international network. CBE members will receive more detailed information regarding how to nominate relevant visitors. The center leaders hope that CBE researchers will suggest many good candidates. Priority will be given to visitors that have overlapping research interests for a larger number of CBE researchers and that have the potential to strengthen future grant applications from CBE.

There is also funding available for smaller workshops and PhD courses. The topics both for workshops and PhD courses will be based on suggestions and demand from the group. Additionally, there is support for the organization of EARIE 2021 in Bergen. We will shortly send out an email with more details and an invitation to nominate visitors.