NHH's digital reading list system.

Leganto is an online reading list system that provides comprehensive and standardized reading lists, and easier access to the resources in the lists.

How do i find the reading list for my course?

  • Login to Canvas
  • Click on your course
  • Select 'Leganto' in the menu on the left

how do i get access to the course literature

  • You will have access to online articles, books and some book chapters directly from the reading list in Leganto. You can also see if the books are available in printed for in the library and where to find them on the shelf. 

NB! At the beginning of the semester, some students may experience that they do not have access to the reading lists even if the lists have been published. It is most likely that you have just created an user account and thus have not yet been automatically imported from FS to our system. An update of the system may take 1-2 days.