Timetables and examination dates

Timetables and examination dates

When and where is my lecture? When is my examination?

Schedule and exam dates for spring 2019 have been published.

NHH uses the timetable system TimeEdit. You can download it to your personal calendar.

Timetables - timetables for all courses at NHH

Examination dates - Bachelor - bachelor's courses taught in English

Examination dates - Master - master's courses taught in English

How to use the timetable

Choose your course, and check that the search window says "subject" (not "events" or "room").

You will find the examination dates in the timetable, as well as in separate lists.

You can see the timetable and examination dates without loggin in.

There are two ways to download the timetable to your calendar.

  1. Select "Subscribe", and the preferred time period, and copy the address that appears in the field below.
  2. If you have an Apple device, select "Customize" - "Export" - "iCal".

Please note: only changes that are reported to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs will appear in the timetable. Please also consult the course plan handed out in the lecture or/and published on Itslearning/Canvas to make sure you have the full overview.  

About the Examination Schedule

  • We normally publish the timetable and examination dates at the end of December and June every year.
  • The overview only shows written school exams and shorter take-home exams. Other take-home examinations and submission deadlines for term papers etc. are published continuously. 
  • After publication, we only make changes to the examination schedule if errors have occurred. No examination dates are changed once the schedule is published.
  • You must expect that examinations may be held in weeks 17-24 in the spring and weeks 46-51 in the autumn.
  • We have many concerns to consider when examination dates are set. We can therefore not accommodate wishes for specific examination dates. We also cannot provide information about examination dates until the schedule is final and published on this website.