Student life at NHH

Student life at NHH

NHH has a very active student body, and there is always something going on, whether it is parties, company visits, presentations, trips etc.


NHH aims to facilitate a smooth transition for incoming students to Norway, Bergen and NHH. To this end, NHH, in collaboration with the student group MEBA Council, organises the Buddy Programme. The programme seeks to pair current NHH students with incoming students to provide a helping hand and information during summer and upon the student’s arrival to Bergen. After accepting your offer of admission to NHH, you will receive information and an offer to be a part of the Buddy Programme.


There is a wide variety of activities going on at NHHS, for instance sports (football, volleyball, bicycle, skiing, running, lacrosse, softball etc.), choirs, bands, newspaper, student TV, AIESEC, NHH Aid and others. For more information, see the Student Association’s website

During your time at NHH there are two student groups that will be especially important in regard to facilitating your integration into Norwegian social life and international social affairs.
The MEBA Council focuses primarily on full-time MSc students. With integration as a strong goal, they like to invite a blend of exchange, MSc and Norwegian students to their events and activities.
The International Committee (IC) targets all international students with a primary focus on exchange students. This group organises Welcome Week activities, as well as international parties and other non-academic events that take place during your exchange.
The Welcome Week contains social events, and information sessions 
organised by the Office of Student and Academic Affairs. The Welcome 
Week is one of the biggest social events of the academic year at NHH and is organised by the students and the school.
There are many different activities this week which aim to orient new 
students, both international and Norwegian, to their new school and their new city.
We strongly advise all new students to take an active part in the information meetings and social events during this week.